Be the director.

As a paid member, you can provide a feedback to implement in our upcoming videos.

Simply tell us what you would like to see by posting your request. Please remember to log-in when you post your request. 

It takes 1 or 2 months for us to produce videos upon your request.  We suggest you to subscribe as a recurring member to use this service.  Or you're always welcome to join us again as a new member later to check and download your customized video.


Here are the things that cannot be done in order to follow the guideline of our website.

- Her eyes cannot be revealed to protect her identity. (She is very pretty.  You have to leave that to your imagination.)  

- No male actor to be involved in order to provide virtual experiences.

- No painful act. Light slapping is okay.

- No insertion (vaginal or anal) with any type of object.

- No scat