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Bubble Butt Fetish
2018-02-25, 02:44
blkrob32 and buck2427

We will add the scenes as per your request for April video.

She is having some personal time off at the moment. We're hoping that she will come back soon. But this new girl has beautiful jiggly fat ass that you are not going to be disappointed with. She does a lot of things that other girls refused to. She loves taking dildos in her pussy and squirts like crazy. Not in the ass though.. Oops, there goes the spoiler. :)
2018-02-24, 20:18
Is the old model going to come back? She was awesome and ir would be great to her and the new model together
2018-02-24, 20:05
video with new in nude pantyhose and the dildo cumming all over her ass.
2018-02-21, 04:21
Another video featuring that new model shaking her ass with oil.
2018-02-21, 04:07
doggy position twerking
Spreading her ass open
massaging her butthole
slow mo would be great
I really want to see her butthole
Bubble Butt Fetish
2018-02-20, 07:08
Dear members,

We're glad to tell you that the new videos had been just uploaded. Thank you for your patience. As per some members' request, we were able to find a new model who has amazing ass.

We had trouble getting hold of our main model and that is why we found another girl. She is just gorgeous in our opinion. She has one of a kind fat ass. Lots of cellulite. That is what makes woman beautiful. She is just as sexy as our previous model or even better. See for yourself.

Because it was our first of shooting with her, we could not include many of your request. Please re-post you request and we will do our best to include them for April video as our March videos had been already done.

Stay tuned. We will upload the March videos in next few days.

Enjoy her ass!!

She will surprise you with what no other girl has ever done in our past videos!!
2018-02-15, 05:57
any more pics of the new model to hold us over until the site migrates? Would love to see her butthole :-)
Bubble Butt Fetish
2018-02-12, 05:38
Dear members,

Unfortunately, we're having some issues with our web host. Hopefully, we will resolve it soon. As soon as we resolve the issue, we will upload the new videos.

Thank you for your patience.
2018-02-11, 23:44
When are we going to see any new videos??????
2018-01-12, 22:29
Still loving the videos, were you able to purchase heels for the model? Heels would make her already fabulous ass that much better. Also I love the model when her hair is dyed blonde. Please make more vidoes like 2017 BB1, that vidoe is awesome. Keep up the good work!!!
Bubble Butt Fetish
2018-01-11, 05:16
Yes we can. We will add that scene for the next video.

Sorry we only do solo videos. Please read the note on the top.
2018-01-08, 20:46
Can we see two girls giving each other assjobs with a dildo or strap on?? would love to see one girls grab hold of some soft asscheeks while they're being fucked
2018-01-08, 04:26
Can we get a spread pussy from behind?
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-12-28, 04:59
We tried downloading on mobile and had no problem with it. Please try using desktop mode and log in from the home page. Please send us an email regarding technical issues. We will add more comment but would like to keep the feedback and comments on this page only as it may clutter up the videos page. Thanks for your feedback.

The videos for January had just been added.

We apologize but we could not implement some of the request as of yet but it will be absolutely done for February videos. Stay tuned!
2017-12-26, 18:18
any updates?
2017-12-09, 21:02
Thanks Admin, I love this girls ass definitely keep her a model her vids never really fail me. If you can there's an error with trying to download videos on mobile. I used to be able to download them like 1-2 months ago but now it says plug-in handled load on my edownloader app. Also maybe add comments/reviews of each and every video. More interaction that way and see how people like it without having to post a testimonial. I hope your business grows. It surely deserves it 3
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-12-07, 19:03
Love the feedback guys!

We will add ass and soles for January video.

We will add the scene you've requested. We will try longer videos once we get enough members to support financially.. Our website is still new so we have limited budgets for the videos so far. We will produce longer and higher quality videos when we get enough members like you!!

We will add the scene for our next video.

Thanks for the positive comment! We are in search for a new model to add the variety. But can't find anyone that has ass like her yet. Don't worry. We will always keep producing her video even if we find another girl with a big butt.

Cheers guys!
2017-12-07, 16:40
My only request is that you continue to make videos with the present model because quite frankly, she's amazing
2017-12-07, 02:16
hi just wondering about the squatting/spreading vids with g string/skirt and scratching butthole. Hope you haven't forgotten about me :-)
2017-12-05, 23:36
More ass jiggling please. The pantyhose ripping is kinda hot but not nearly as much as her ass jiggling standing up and spreading her cheeks or bouncing her ass on something to make it look like you're fucking her. Love the content. Longer Vids please, I love this model so much!
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