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2017-08-16, 12:04
i would like to request a video of the girl in BB video 1 in pantyhose and ripping them a little and letting the dildo in under the pantyhose and her twerking the dildo to cum on her , while she does JOI.
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-08-05, 05:04

They all sound great. All your request will be shot for September video. Male actor won't be used. Instead, we will use something that looks like a head.. maybe a pillow.
2017-08-04, 11:24
More jiggling cheek squeezing with the head buried from top angle
2017-08-01, 22:08
I think it would be great if you had a pov doggy style and have her simulating bouncing on something to make her ass jiggle. Like a piece of glass or something.
2017-08-01, 14:11
I saw Joi video in the requests but I'd like to second this and have her play with her ass like pick it up and drop it, squeeze, etc.
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-07-28, 14:49
Hi MynutsYochin,

We do not have VR equipment as of yet. We may try it later this year. We will add a black dildo for September video as August video had been already produced.
2017-07-28, 14:26
VR POV with black dick on that cellulite ass
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-07-24, 04:42
Hi GrizzlyReality,

Unfortunately, we do not have any pregnant model at the moment.
2017-07-24, 01:15
If you can do some pregnant girl booty
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-07-21, 14:40
Hi milfvr,

We will add the scene as per your request.
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-07-21, 14:35

Sorry no male actor should be involved for our website. Please review the things that are not allowed for custom videos before you submit your request.
We can add more ass cheek fucking with a dildo for next video.

Thank you for subscribing.
2017-07-21, 07:37
Low angle looking up at your ass angle JOI video?
2017-07-20, 04:46
ass cheek fucking with real cocks?
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-07-20, 00:44
Yes, We will add more ass clapping and jiggling for next videos!
2017-07-18, 21:36
Ass clapping?
2017-07-13, 22:43
ass jiggling and soles!
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-07-05, 15:21
There is a scene with a jean in the beginning of the video for July 2017. Let us know if you would like to see more.
2017-07-05, 03:40
can she do a jean struggle video
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-05-29, 13:54
Thanks for the requests guys!

Walking around in thong sounds good. Her ass will look really nice in thong. We will ask her to do more twerking. She complained last time about her back. But she will do her best to please you. :)

Unfortunately, we don't have access to the treadmill.
We will add the shower scene for the next video though.
As for now, we only have white lady as a model. We're in search for another model of different ethnicity.

Thanks for being enthusiastic members!!
2017-05-28, 20:41
Walking nude on a treadmill, and a shower scene. Also, the women of color are great! More, please!
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