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2017-12-05, 06:11
ass and soles possible? loving the content by the way great work!
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-11-30, 22:34
We're glad that you love our videos. We will have her do standing ass job for the next video. We will try and buy a pantyhose as per your request. It will be most likely be added for January video. Stay tuned. The next video will be uploaded shortly.
2017-11-03, 11:51
love the pantyhose video, but could you try regular pantyhose nude color and have her start out twerking and then do a standing assjob on the dildo until it shoots all over her ass. Keep up the good work!!
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-10-16, 04:09
Unfortunately, we don't have any new model as of yet. It is a challenge to find a big booty girl as there aren't many. Even if we find them, it can be a quite a process to convince them to model for an adult website. We never stop searching for a new big booty girls.
As for the November video, we will include your pantyhose request and also your new request.
Thanks for your participation.
Keep up your big booty enthusiasm. We can't never get enough of big booties!!
2017-10-15, 18:33
Is the pantyhose and heels request coming this month? Please more videos of her standing and shaking her ass cumshots! Also, any word on any new girls?
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-10-12, 22:52
blkrob32 & Bootysquad,
We will add the scenes you've requested.
2017-10-12, 20:54
omg you're gonna kill me but I have one more request. If you have like a skirt or anything it would be awesome to see some upskirts in a g string. Then maybe take the skirt off and do some squats in the g string.
2017-10-11, 21:17
also could you spread your ass and rub your butthole
2017-10-09, 23:12
Upshot view (camera viewing from bellow) of spreading and twerking and sucH
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-10-04, 03:50
We will add that scene for November video.
2017-09-26, 22:09
Request a video of you squatting and spreading butt with hands. slow motion
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-09-05, 03:37
Additional requests for October videos
- Pantyhose and heels.
- More twerking and reverse cowgirl simulation.
2017-09-04, 19:31
I would like to see ass clapping if she is able to do it. I love the twerking of her bent over. Maybe some reverse cowgirl ass shaking and bouncing her ass off something to simulate if she was riding someone.
2017-09-03, 16:08
Anything on the model wearing pantyhose and heels?
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-09-03, 14:57
The requested video for some members are still in production.
Here are the requests that will be included for the video in October.
Black dildo
Ass cheek fucking and cumshot.
JOI was not approved by the model. She is not comfortable acting in front of the camera. She said she might try for the next video. Sorry guys.
Please post comment if we missed any of your request.
Bubble Butt Fetish
2017-08-24, 21:31
Unfortunately, we only have one model at the moment.
2017-08-21, 23:28
please do some ass cheek cum shots with teresa! Would love to see that ass covered in cum....
2017-08-21, 18:16
more asscheek fucking with cumshot between cheeks please!
2017-08-17, 20:42
Please more videos of lingerie and bikini, walking and mostly wearing and taking off, please in fullhd and careful with focus, the model is beautiful and thank you for the good work
2017-08-16, 19:35
I promise this is the last thing.....please produce more cumshots in your videos with the model commenting on how the cumshot feels instead of music. The video with the model in the hotel room..there"s no way any man could"ve lasted without cumming all over her, the way she was twerking..Thanks1 :-)
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